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Common affects of High Blood Pressure:
Atherosclerosis can also upset the delicate balance of blood clots. Under normal circumstances blood clots continually form and dissolve in our bloodstream.  It is important that this balance be kept. Blood clots form when blood platelets encounter what they consider an injury. Because the body considers plaque buildup an injury, platelets rush to the scene and begin the clotting process. The formed blood clot may remain attached to the plaque and continue growing. A blood clot that grows to the point that it obstructs a blood vessel is called a Thrombus. It can shut off the blood supply to some vital body tissues. If this occurs in a blood vessel that feeds the heart, it is called a Coronary Thrombosis. If it occurs in an artery in the brain, killing brain tissue, it is called a Cerebral Thrombosis.

A clot can also break loose (called an Embolus) and travel throughout the circulatory system. In its travels, it may get stuck in a smaller artery, blocking the flow of blood. This blockage cuts off the supply of life-giving oxygen and nutrients, and the tissue fed by the artery dies. If an Embolus lodges in an artery of the heart, depriving the heart of essential nutrients, a part of the heart can stop working.  This is called a Heart Attack. If the embolus lodges in an artery of the brain, it is a Stroke.

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