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High Antioxidant Healthy Foods
Xocai X Power Squares High Antioxidant Healthy Foods
The USDA recommends a Daily Antioxidants Intake Range of 3,000 to 5,000 ORAC (antioxidant healthy foods) as a minimum to cope with the average rate of oxidation. Those who have more active lifestyles require higher levels of antioxidants from antioxidant healthy foods. If you exercise, drink alcohol or have diabetes and/or live a busy/stressful life, then the amount of antioxidant healthy foods you consume needs to be doubled or tripled.

So... Is it possible to consume enough antioxidant healthy foods such as antioxidant fruits, antioxidant drinks (the real antioxidant drinks), or foods high in antioxidants each day in order to meet your specific daily requirements of antioxidant healthy foods?

The solution is found in the extremely high antioxidant healthy foods and antioxidant products, most commomly known as "antioxidant superfoods”.
Which will be more practical to eat throughout the course of YOUR day?

The fact is that antioxidant healthy foods are most effective if consumed throughout the day to keep the antioxidant level high in our bloodstream. The reality is that most people simply don't consume enough raw vegetables & fruits throughout the day. Just like with any healthy routine, your chance of success goes up significantly if you can find something that you enjoy. If you like it, then it's a whole lot easier to follow through. That's the beauty of chocolate! Most people already eat and love chocolate! Adding some healthy chocolate to their daily diet isn't a chore!
Xocai X Power Squares
(Cost = $2.89)

Consume 3 per Day

ORAC Value = 49,464
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Raw Spinach or Xocai Power Squares.
If you consume 3 Xocai Power Squares (18 grams each, 1 morning, 1 midday, and 1 evening) you will receive and ORAC antioxidant benefit of 49,494.  Since 100 grams of raw spinach as an ORAC value of 1,260, you will need to consume 39.25 100 gram portions of raw spinach to match the antioxidant power of the 3 Xocai Power Squares (49,464 / 1,260 = 39.25).  That amounts to 3,925.71 grams of raw spinach (39.25 x 100 = 3,925.71) or 8.65 pounds!  Since the 2008 USDA National Nutrient Datatbase listed the average price per pound for raw spinach at $3.92, you would need to spend $33.91 per day ($3.92 x 8.65lbs) at 2008 prices to get the same antioxidant value as you would from the 3 Xocai Power Squares.

Raw Spinach
Which antioxidant healthy foods would YOU rather eat?

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